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Owning Your Brand Footprint in 2022


3 Digital Marketing Mistakes Franchise CMOs Continue to Make

  Franchise brands are continuing to make more sophisticated and substantial marketing investments than ever before, and the competition for their select partnerships has become increasingly intense. As a CMO operating in this high-stakes environment, […]

Why Are QSRs Ignoring Paid Search?

  Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) rely heavily on traditional media channels to drive consumers into retail stores by running ads across billboards, TV, and other mass media channels. Even with big shifts from these brands […]

Total Retail: A Local Marketing Fix for Retail Closures

  Location3 Chairman Andrew Beckman has been at the center of the local search marketing conversation since founding Location3 in 1999. Since then, Beckman has been published in several of the leading outlets in the […]

Google Updates Shake Up How Brands Manage Local Listings

  As consumer demand for better online user experiences increases, retail brands need to refocus their current search optimization strategies on Google. Achieving higher organic rankings, specifically on Google, has the digital marketing industry focused […]

Verizon Buys Yahoo: What It Means for Mobile

  This week has started off with some big news: after months of negotiation and planning, Verizon has made their purchase of Yahoo official. The cost? Just a shade under $5 billion in cash, though […]