Webinar: Integrated Local Marketing for Franchises

Maximize Your Digital Presence Location3’s VP of Growth, Tom Lynch, recently spoke with GatherUp’s Steve…

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A person using Google Search

Google I/O Recap

One of my favorite times of year wrapped up last month – that’s right, Google…

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Location3 Hosts IFA’s Wednesday Wise Webinar

The Right Media Mix for Your Franchise Last week, Location3 had the privilege to host…

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Your Franchise Needs an Agency Partner for Listings Management

What is Listings Management?  Local Listings Management is the process of updating and maintaining location data (Name, Address, Phone,…

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Location3 | Moving Forward in 2021: Digital Presence

Moving Forward in 2021: Digital Presence

Next in our Moving Forward 2021 series, our Business Development Manager, Julie Whitney, spoke with franchise…

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Google to Stop Using User-Level Identifiers

On March 3, Google explicitly stated that once third-party cookies are phased out, it will not build user-level identifiers…

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