Culture In Focus: Together Again (at last)

Last week was a significant one at Location3. For the first time since March 2020, we had virtually every member of our growing team in-person at our headquarters in Denver for a week of team building, quarterly planning meetings, and good old fashioned fun. As we’ve navigated the past few years in transitioning to a hybrid company with the ability to provide both in-person and remote working options for our team, we’ve learned a lot along the way. Our business has evolved. Our team has evolved. And our culture has evolved.

Company culture is referenced frequently on blogs and social forums these days, and for good reason. However, we’re not here to dive deep into how our own culture continues to evolve, what it means to us to foster a positive culture for all our team members, and the active steps we take each day, week, and month to continue to improve in everything we do.

Rather, last week provided so many incredible, authentic examples of our unique Location3 culture that came into focus when we got together again… the sheer joy of seeing people in-person that you mostly see on video chats, the excitement emanating from live strategic planning sessions and deep data dives, the different ideas and solutions shared in an effort to help solve current business challenges, the camaraderie enhanced by simple things like goofy team themes during a fun day together on our favorite local par 3 golf course.

We spend a lot of time discussing our core values; big picture thinking, innovation, stewardship, collaboration, and being a data-driven organization. And we strive to live out our core values in the work that we do each day, from the most tenured executive to the newest team member. We know we’re not perfect and we’re always looking for ways to enhance our Location3 culture, but last week offered testament to the fact that our business, our team and our culture have experienced some incredibly positive developments over the past few years. We enjoyed everyone’s company here in Denver, and we wrapped on Friday feeling both grateful for the progress we’ve made and excited by what the future holds at Location3.

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