Day in the Life: Senior Project Manager

Have you ever wondered what work-life is truly like inside an agency? More specifically, a specialized digital marketing agency as savvy as Location3? With most of our employees currently working either remote or hybrid, agency life has undoubtedly changed. Of course, each day may differ and will vary from role to role, but what remains the same is our knowledge that each and every employee is instrumental to the success of our company. In order to illustrate a piece of our success, we’ve asked Senior Project Manager Lindsay Testai to give us a glimpse into her daily life at L3.

L3 Project Manager, Lindsay Testai, in her home office.

L3 Senior Project Manager, Lindsay Testai, in her home office.

Journey and Growth at L3

Every career journey is unique; we asked Lindsay about her own path and how she got started with Location3.

[LT]: I graduated from UNLV with degree in music education and spent some time teaching and working with local music programs. During that time, I also worked in hospitality where I was given a great opportunity to manage events for a private event company. After moving to Colorado, I continued to manage events in Las Vegas and I was able to procure business in the Denver area, but I wanted to work for a local company where I could grow my skillset. During my search I found an open project coordinator position with Location3 that looked like a perfect fit. So, I applied and thankfully got the job! During my time with Location3, I have been able to learn and grow alongside an amazing team into a project manager role. 


Day in the Life

Our team consists of business strategists, engineers, coordinators, managers, partner directors, and administrators – and we love all things digital. We are undeniably devoted to utilizing our digital resources and intelligent minds to assist other businesses towards long-term success. So, how do our employees contribute to this mission on a daily basis? For Lindsay, a typical day includes both internal and external work and communication.

[LT]: A typical workday for me would include resourcing updates, internal projects, ensuring client deliverables and requests are met, and likely a few internal or client-facing meetings throughout the day. My daily work shifts based on the time of month, but client and internal projects are consistently part of my day to day. On average I spend approximately 30% on client specific management, 55% on internal projects and resourcing, 10% on meetings, and 5% on personal admin/organization.”


Work Efficiency 

Not every workday is a walk in the park. We have to spend some of our time working on strategies and tactics to remain efficient so we can always be improving. Lindsay stays efficient while working each day by making sure to prioritize. And even with strategies up our sleeves to remain efficient at work, we all face challenges.

[LT]: “I like to start the day by re-prioritizing my task list, breaking down larger projects into digestible pieces, and setting deadlines for myself throughout the day. I think one of the biggest (and most fun!) challenges about agency life is that things can happen and change very quickly, so you always have to be ready to adapt and rethink the way you do things.”


Work-Life Balance and “Friyays”

At L3 we believe that, in order to give our best work and live a well-balanced life, we all need to take time off for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our “Friyays” are a great example! All employees receive every other Friday off in order to help maintain well-balanced lives. So, how exactly does Lindsay balance her creative, professional, and personal life daily, and what does she do on her “Friyays” off?

 [LT]: ‘While working from home, setting aside about 10 minutes at the end of the workday has really helped with the transition back to home life. I also think that taking some vacation time for yourself to fully recharge is super important. Location3 offers some incredible benefits to promote that including unlimited PTO, a wellness reimbursement program, and Friyays! I love to use these days off to just relax around the house, hit the skateparks when it’s not too crowded, or take a weekend trip.”


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