Digital Marketing News: Nike’s Store of the Future

Every week we’re collecting a host of links, videos, and assorted analysis on the ever-changing world of digital marketing. We invite you to skim, share, analyze, argue, and refute – just so long as you don’t get embarrassed at the water cooler again. Here are the latest digital marketing news and trends for the week of November 16, 2018.

How to Use Google Posts to Protect Customers in Dangerous Weather

Customer safety is a priority for every business, and there are several measures business can take to protect them, including through Google My Business. For businesses that consistently find themselves in the path of dangerous weather, a Google Event Post can warn customers of changing store hours, stock, and other vital information.

A national chain of hardware supply stores recently employed this tactic as Hurricane Florence approached North Carolina in September. One business owner knew that he had to prepare for a sudden increase in customer activity as residents braced for Florence’s arrival.

He used Google Event Posts to notify customers that they should contact their local store before leaving their homes and potentially putting themselves in the path of the storm. The Event Post, with its position near the top of the listing, clear heading, and clickthrough button, provided simple and clear directions for residents who needed to take quick and decisive action.

Not only did the use of a Google My Business account keep customers safe, it also increased engagement across the board on the business listing. Read more from Location3’s Holly Leske on how all Engagement Actions increased.

Google Launches Tool to Measure Modern Performance of Sites

Google launched a new tool designed to provide recommendations to developers for implementing modern website features and capabilities. The tool is available at and includes audits for SEO, performance, and accessibility. Google says the analysis tool is the product of more than 10 years of assessing user needs.

A site can easily be assessed by simply entering the URL. Each aspect of the site, including Performance, Progressive Web App (PWA) Checklist, Best Practices, SEO, and Accessibility, is scored from 1-100. A list of recommendations also is compiled in order of impact.

The tool is in open beta, and multiple bugs have been reported. Stay tuned.

Mobile Devices at the Center of Nike’s Store of the Future

Nike opened a new brick-and-mortar store in New York City on Thursday, and the longtime marketing innovator is all-in on combining in-store shopping with mobile engagement. From letting customers schedule appointments with stylists to checking out on their phones, Nike is hoping to shift the traditional retailing model.

“Mobile is at the center of people’s everyday life, and when people come into the store, they come in with their digital device,” says Nike’s Chief Digital Officer Adam Sussman. “We want to create a seamless connection between the physical and digital experience.”

NikePlus, a program that feeds members discounts and personalized recommendations, has been a success for Nike as members spend three times more than guests on Nike’s website. The goal is to match that performance in-store by recreating the online NikePlus experience in a brick-and-mortar location.

The immersive shopping experience provides Nike with valuable consumer information while potential customers are rewarded with perks and personalized information and assistance. The result is a non-linear brand experience that increases sales online and in stores.

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