Digital Marketing Tactics for Mobile Franchises

When we think of franchises, we tend to think of brick-and-mortar locations where customers can come and go.  But some franchises and brands don’t have a set location, operating on-the-go within a service area. They’re known as service-area businesses, and they include plumbers, electricians, lawn care services, carpet cleaners, and more.

These businesses have the same digital marketing needs as traditional brick-and-mortar brands, but must work within a framework that isn’t necessarily tailored to their business model. The unique nature of these franchise systems, however, can be seen as an opportunity to apply tactics where their competition isn’t. Location3 Director of Marketing Josh Allen recently compiled a list of strategies for service-area businesses to maximize customer volume through digital channels via Franchising USA Magazine. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“…arguably the most important SEO strategy a franchise can implement is the creation of an optimized store locator and individual location pages for every single business within the system. For franchises that are mobile in nature, one key extension of this includes the addition of metro pages or city pages that help organize individual locations into defined service areas. Not only does this offer an opportunity to capture more real estate in search engine results with additional, relevant pages, it also provides an opportunity to improve the user experience in helping a customer choose which particular franchise can best be of service based on their own location.”

For more tips, including how to set up your Google My Business profile as well as paid advertising, the entire post can be read here.

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