Podcast: Digital Marketing Trends in Franchising

Jack Monson’s Social Geek Radio podcast recently welcomed Location3 CEO Alex Porter for a discussion on digital marketing trends in franchising. Here’s an excerpt of the discussion.

Monson: What’s the biggest problem or maybe the biggest challenge that the CEOs and chief marketing officers are telling you about these days?

Porter: I think the biggest challenge that we’re seeing, that we’re collaborating with them to try to solve, is really franchisee involvement in marketing. A lot of these franchisors have in their FDDs (franchise disclosure document) that franchisees should be spending, but there’s not a lot of ability to make sure that they are actually spending in their local marketing areas.

It’s a two-fold problem. One is to make the franchisee understand the importance of spending dollars in-market, and then it’s how to make that easy and transparent, so that they can ultimately feel it in their revenue.

Listen to the rest of the episode below.

The Social Geek Radio podcast is in its tenth season and has garnered several awards, including inclusion on Emerge’s 20 Best Business Podcasts and Best Small Business Podcasts by FitSmallBusiness.com. Tune in every Tuesday to listen to Monson and guests discuss digital marketing trends for brands, small businesses, and franchises.


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