Digital Recap: California’s CPRA and More

What Marketers Need to Know about California Prop 24 

Prop 24, the Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), is a revision to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that won voter approval in California on Tuesday with 56% of the vote. Ronan Shields covered the story for AdWeek and provides context for the update. Core CPRA principles include: 

  • More protection of California residents’ personally identifiable information, including ethnicity, health, race, religion, sexual orientation, and union membership. 
  • Greater protection for the information of minors, including the tripling of maximum fines for violations. 
  • Limitations on lobbyists’ attempts to dilute privacy protection measures. 
  • Establishment of an agency to enforce the privacy requirements. 

 Read Shields’s article for AdWeek, “California Prop 24 Passes: What Marketers Need to Know 

 Read Greg Sterling’s article for Search Engine Land for even more: “California’s CCPA 2.0 passed: Here’s what changes.” 

Ad Performance and Frequency: Facebook Shares Insights 

 How many times should an ad be shown to maximize engagement? And how many times is too many? Facebook analyzed 2,439 campaigns to better answer these questions. Andrew Hutchinson covered the data analysis for Social Media Today. The results show that the quality of ad creative is still the primary factor to influence response rates, but frequency should also be considered. Read Hutchinson’s article to find out optimum range for impressions: “Facebook Shares New Insight on Ad Performance Based on Frequency. 

YouTube TV Subscriptions, YouTube Ad Revenue, Google: Up, Up, Up! 

 Good news for Google! During its recent quarterly earnings call, Alphabet reported that YouTube TV subscribers had surpassed 3 million, putting it second only to Hulu in Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs). Karlene Lukovitz shares more about Google earnings in her piece for MediaPost: “YouTube TV Subs Pass 3M.” 

 Microsoft Ramps Up Holiday Advertising Capabilities 

 Read Laurie Sullivan’s article for Media Post, “Microsoft Releases Targeting Segments for Holiday Events, Starting with Black Friday to learn more about Microsoft’s seasonal shopping targeting segments. Black Friday will be the first, and developers are working on more holidays and seeking to expand to international markets soon.  

 Read Ginny Marvin’s article for Search Engine Land, “Microsoft Advertising Promotion extensions available in time for the holidays,” to learn more about the text ad extensions now available to promote events or occasions like Christmas and Black Friday. Extensions can be set up at the account, campaign, or ad group level. 




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