Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Digital Tricks and Treats 2017

The leaves are falling, football is in the air, and Digital Shoptalk is back for its annual episode of Digital Tricks and Treats. On this edition, we discuss the petty nerd battles going on at Amazon and Google, including why Google pulled YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show.

More importantly, the guys discuss the implications of the Amazon-Google rivalry on e-commerce and brick-and-mortar store traffic. How is Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and Google’s updated Google Express helping consumers, and how will the competition push innovation?

And last but not least, we bring on two special guests to discuss a few tricks and treats for your digital candy bag. Kody Pedersen, a copywriter at Location3, shares a blog title format that could increase traffic to your blog or even present an opportunity for collaboration. And Hannah Will, a PPC specialist, shares a couple of easy PPC campaign shortcuts that could prevent a few headaches.

As always, tweet @Location3 using the #DigitalShoptalk hashtag with any questions or comments.

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