Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Meet the Team at Location3

Our team at Location3 is always up on the latest and greatest in digital marketing, which is why we were surprised to find out they also have real and meaningful lives outside of the office.

Upon hearing the news, we decided to dedicate an episode of Digital Shoptalk to “The Players” of Location3. They share their backgrounds, hobbies, and thoughts on this generation’s defining battle: Snapchat vs. Instagram, among other things. Also, the guys give this episode’s Upvote to Location3 Senior SEO Analyst Amir Alsayegh and his work with Urban Nights.

And for those looking for the latest news in digital marketing, don’t fret. Josh and Alex discuss recent Google Analytics changes that make data more accessible for everyday insights. Tweet @Location3 using the #DigitalShoptalk hashtag with any questions or comments.



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