How Restaurants and QSRs Can Capitalize on “Near Me” Searches

It’s a popular assumption that e-commerce is supplanting the traditional shopping experience, where consumers purchase products in physical stores. But the reality is that just 8 percent of the $3.7 trillion spent annually in the United States is spent on e-commerce. That means that brick-and-mortar businesses are not only viable options, but far and away, the most popular option among consumers.

While consumers aren’t always making online purchases, they are using mobile devices to research and find the products they want to purchase. This is especially true for consumers who are looking for restaurants. These consumers often are intending to make purchases immediately or within 24 hours and finding their preferred option via “near me” searches.

So how can restaurants and QSRs tap into this behavior to capture these potential customers and ultimately increase revenue? Location3 Director of Marketing Josh Allen give us a few simple restaurant digital marketing strategies to increase your restaurant’s online visibility in order to drive customers through your doors. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“When mobile users search for local business information on Google Search or Maps, the results are often displayed in what is called the Google Knowledge Graph. This information can contain key business details such as address, phone number, hours of operation, business photos and much, much more. As Knowledge Graph features continue to evolve and expand, there becomes less of a need for consumers to visit your own brand or franchise website because customers can find all of the information they need to make a purchasing decision without ever leaving the Google interface.”

For more analysis and easy tips on restaurant digital marketing, the entire post can be read here via Franchising USA Magazine.

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