How to Use Online Marketing Data to Increase In-Store Sales

In the current digital environment, where a well-executed online presence can inspire more than just brand awareness, it’s vital for franchise brands to have an online marketing strategy. Now more than ever, an online strategy can lead directly to in-store sales, where an overwhelming majority of purchases are still completed.

Driving a customer from online engagement to in-store purchase is dependent on deciphering the available data and applying its insights to your strategy. In a recent post for Franchising USA Magazine, Location3 Director of Marketing Josh Allen discussed strategies for recording and analyzing the data points most closely associated with driving customers in-store.

Here’s an excerpt on how franchise brands can use Google Analytics to organize their site and online listings to increase the likelihood of an in-store purchase.

“…let’s imagine that I own a restaurant franchise and when reviewing my analytics data, I note that a large percentage of visitors land on my site via my Facebook business page and then 60% of those people navigate to my “Happy Hour Specials” landing page. Armed with this information, I may conclude that posting regular content and information about happy hour specials on my Facebook business page can contribute to a lift in customer visits.”

Read more of Allen’s analysis at Franchising USA.


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