Marketing Dive: Urban Outfitters Goes Local to Increase Conversions 75%

Marketers have gained a distinct advantage from the overwhelming use of mobile devices by consumers. These devices have allowed marketers to more specifically target users based not only on broad demographics, but perhaps more importantly, specific locations and devices.

One recent example of a national brand making the most of local search marketing is Urban Outfitters – the popular clothing retailer that has opened more than 250 locations around the world.

Urban Outfitters used five local search tactics in an effort to tailor a specific message to their audience, gain relevance, and ultimately, boost in-store sales. Here’s an example of one of the tactics used in the campaign:

“Dynamic audience filters: To further target its outreach, Urban Outfitters used dynamic audience filters — based on real-world location information and other data — to deliver messages based on visitation and behavior outside the app. For example, push notifications were used to promote party dresses exclusively to female audiences who frequent bars and nightlife locations.”

Our own Head of Local Search Nick Neels shared his insight with MarketingDive:

“Whether a brand has 10 or 10,000 locations, at the end of the day, everything is local,” Nick Neels, head of local search at Location3, told Marketing Dive. “All conversions come from a locality or specific geo-market. Even brands without physical locations should focus on hyper-local efforts.”

Urban Outfitters’ investment in local search proved wise: the retailer saw a 146 percent increase in revenue and 75 percent increase in conversions.

For more details on the campaign, the full article can be read here.


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