Monthly Industry Roundup: June 2019

Location3 News: June was a huge month for Location3 as we released LOCALACT 3.0 – the latest update to the premier platform built to power and scale local digital marketing for franchises and multi-location businesses.

The update presents an enhanced user experience that provides easier access to performance metrics, new enrollment experience for local business owners, and a clearer organization of data. From the official release:

Key features of the new release include:

  • Upgraded user experience, featuring a more impactful and user-friendly design with and easier access to key reporting and metrics
  • Simplified enrollment process at the local level to improve the user experience
  • Expanded advertising reach with campaigns running on the Google Display Network
  • New localized digital marketing analytics on site traffic and search visibility

“Today’s release is a major step forward for LOCALACT, expanding our services, improving accessibility, and adding features that drive more value for our customers and give them more empowerment than ever before,” said Ryan Guilford, Chief Technology Officer of Location3.

Adds LOCALACT’s Product Director, David Kelly, “We’ve been fortunate to gain a lot valuable feedback over the past year from franchisees and business owners regarding our product, so we’re really excited that we’ve been able to incorporate those insights as new features and updates in this latest version of the platform.”

For more information on LOCALACT or to schedule a free demo, contact us today!


Location3 Publishes “Marketing for The Franchising Lifecycle” Whitepaper

Building on the release of LOCALACT 3.0, we published our latest whitepaper, “Marketing for The Franchising Lifecycle: How to Increase Local Customer Acquisition and Revenue“. The whitepaper is an in-depth examination of the opportunity for franchisors to use digital marketing strategies at three distinct stages – what we refer to as The Franchising Lifecycle:

  1. Franchise Development
  2. Enterprise Strategy
  3. Local Customer Acquisition

As the franchising industry continues to push forward, franchisors should be doing the same – using the most modern and efficient marketing strategies to attract qualified franchisee candidates, build brand awareness, and drive local customers into franchise locations. From conception to execution, this is a detailed guide to franchise marketing success.

Download your free copy.

Driving Local Customers In-Store With Facebook

Facebook continues to report sizable growth in ad revenue despite a series of PR gaffes and miscalculations. That kind of staying power only reinforces the idea that Facebook is an advertising powerhouse that should be incorporated into any serious digital campaign. In fact, more than 3 millions advertisers reportedly are running ads across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Location3 Sr. Director of Marketing Josh Allen recently shared with Franchising USA Magazine a few advertising tactics that are particularly effective (or not) on the pages of the social media giant. Here’s an excerpt from the post.

Facebook Advertising Options for Franchise Businesses

Most franchise businesses can benefit from Local Reach campaigns (previously referred to as Local Awareness ads), which allow you to engage potential customers on Facebook that are in proximity to your business location(s). With targeting options that include both demographic and geographic selections, you can ensure your advertising budget is spent on both the customers that fit your profile and, more specifically, those same customers that are a reasonable distance from your business.

For more tips on Facebook advertising for franchise businesses, read the full post.


LinkedIn Profile Targeting Shows Promise for Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, has consistently struggled to put a dent into Google’s market share, but its acquisition of LinkedIn at the end of 2016 could finally be paying dividends.

The acquisition of LinkedIn has allowed Microsoft to gather a sizable amount of user data from the popular professional network. The sharing of data between the two entities has most recently led to the rollout of LinkedIn Profile Targeting, a search marketing tool that allows marketers to fine-tune targeting of text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and shopping campaigns based on a user’s industry, company, or job function.

When layered on top of other audience targeting solutions, we’ve seen performance improvements for several client campaigns. For more information, read Location3 Paid Search Specialist Justin Salazar’s post on the feature.

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