Navigating the New Normal in Digital Marketing

On January 4, Google began testing Tracking Protection, a new feature that limits cross-site tracking by restricting website access to third-party cookies by default to 1% of Chrome users. In the second half of 2024, they will phase out third-party cookies for everyone. This change, set to reshape the digital advertising world in 2024, signals an urgent need for businesses to rethink their audience-tracking strategies. It’s a moment of reckoning but also an opportunity for innovation and forward-thinking leadership. Third-party cookies have long been the backbone of audience targeting and measurement in digital advertising. Their phasing out, in favor of privacy-focused alternatives, challenges the status quo, urging marketers to adopt new methodologies. The question for franchisor executives and marketers is no longer “if” but “how” to adapt to these changes effectively. Three key steps to consider immediately: 

Audit Current Data Practices 

Understanding your reliance on third-party data is the first step. It’s essential to assess current strategies and identify areas most impacted by the change. 

Leverage First-Party Data 

Cultivate and harness your first-party customer data. This shift not only aligns with privacy trends but also opens avenues for more personalized and meaningful consumer interaction for your brand and business. 

Invest in New Technologies 

Explore and integrate technologies like server-side tracking and advanced analytics platforms to compensate for the loss of third-party data. 

How We’re Leading the Way in Innovation 

At Location3, we understand these challenges and stand at the vanguard of this significant transition. Our commitment to innovation and ethical data practices positions us uniquely to lead our clients through these changes. Here are a few examples of how we’re helping our clients and partners prepare for this coming industry shift: 

Enhanced Conversions & Automatic Advanced Matching 

On platforms like Google and Meta, we’re harnessing enhanced conversions to recapture lost data signals, ensuring that your marketing remains as targeted and effective as ever. 

Server-Side Tracking 

With tools like Facebook CAPI, we offer robust tracking solutions that respect user privacy while delivering critical insights. 

Advanced Analytics for Omnichannel Attribution 

Our analytics platform goes beyond traditional metrics, providing a comprehensive view across all channels for true omnichannel attribution. 

Offline Conversion Imports 

Leveraging first-party data for closed-loop reporting, we ensure a seamless integration of online and offline consumer interactions. 

Cookieless Tracking 

We’re at the forefront of developing and implementing cookieless tracking solutions, preparing for a future beyond third-party cookies. 

Contextual & Location-Based Targeting 

By focusing on contextual relevance and location-based targeting, we enable more precise and meaningful audience engagement. 

Futureproofing Your Marketing Efforts and Embrace Change with Confidence 

Location3 can help you futureproof your marketing strategies. By prioritizing ethical data practices and investing in advanced tools, we empower you to connect with your audience in a privacy-conscious world. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless transition into 2024 and beyond, adapting our methodologies to align with emerging privacy standards and embracing technologies that deliver data-driven insights. As we move towards a new era in digital advertising, the need for proactive adaptation to the evolving consumer journey has never been more critical. Location3 is ready to guide you through these changes, ensuring your marketing strategies are not just compliant but thrive in this new landscape. 

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