Porter: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On the Future of the Digital Agency

Artificial intelligence is a hot-button issue for every industry, including the digital marketing world. But as Location3 CEO Alex Porter points out in a recent post via Forbes, it’s an issue that marketers should be comfortable with. That’s because digital agencies are already using data to to make business decisions. More than that, digital agencies are finding ways to use AI that don’t replace employees, but instead empower them to use their skills and advance their ideas for growth. Here’s an excerpt from the post.

“Discussing the implications of AI can certainly raise a few eyebrows in the workplace. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding AI, and perhaps the most prominent misunderstanding is that it will lead to employee layoffs. While not every position is immune to these concerns, the primary objective of using AI for digital marketing is to automate rudimentary tasks like data collection, processing and reporting. From my perspective, the idea is that automating these tasks doesn’t lead to layoffs; it leads to more efficient processes and more time for people to focus on strategic planning.”

For further analysis, you can read the entire post here.

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