What the Franchising World Should Know About Voice Search

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you probably noticed the seemingly endless stream of ads for digital assistants and other voice-activated devices. Market research company eMarketer projects usage of these devices to increase by 15 percent with nearly 75 million people in the U.S. alone owning voice-activated devices. As these devices become mainstream products, franchise businesses need to know how to harness the power of a voice search strategy.

Location3 Sr. Director of Marketing Josh Allen recently shared his thoughts with Franchising USA Magazine on how voice search is changing the digital marketing landscape. In the post, Allen gives insight on:

  • How consumers are using voice-activated devices
  • How local businesses can connect with user voice searches
  • How voice search affects e-commerce and product sales

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“The aforementioned eMarketer study from December 2018 notes that the three voice-activated actions taken most often by users on smart speakers are listening to music (79.8%), searching for information (73%) and shopping online (37.1%).  While companies like Apple are building their devices around the music experience, the latter two statistics have companies like Google and Amazon innovating and competing for consumer attention.”

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