What’s Coming in 2019 for Location-Based Marketing?

Local Search Association, an association of local marketing experts, has published its annual predictions for the location-based marketing industry. The more than 70 predictions cover an array of topics, including:

• Google My Business
• Local & Mobile Search
• Local & Small Business
• Social & Reviews
• Ads & Paid Search
• E-commerce & Retail
• Data & Location Intelligence
• Speech & Voice Search
• Personal Data & Privacy
• Digital Strategy

Location3 was an active participant in the predictions with three members of the team contributing their own predictions. Here’s a few excerpts from the report.

“I think Google will support some efforts to engage local business owners with data for their Google My Business performance in the coming year. More engaged owners should lead to higher quality listings in terms of accuracy, quality information and images, review responses and answers to Q&A.”

-Location3 Director of Earned and Owned Matt Lacuesta

“Bing’s powering of Alexa search increases its importance in search and increases its share of local search. I predict that Bing will release a paid listings product to monetize voice search.”

-Location3 CEO Alex Porter

My prediction for 2019 is that more brands will become aware that complete ownership and control of your own website content, all online accounts (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, etc.) and all of the data associated with each will be critical to success regardless of whether or not you use third-party vendors or agencies to execute marketing programs. Own your website. Own your accounts. Own your data.

-Location3 Sr. Director of Marketing Josh Allen

Download the full report.

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