Franchising World: Key Marketing Initiatives for Franchises

The franchisor-franchisee relationship can be complicated when it comes to marketing. Franchisors often focus their budgets on driving brand awareness, while franchisees tend to focus on driving store visits. Both approaches are fair as franchisors have larger budgets, and franchisees expect more direct results for their personal budget contributions.

But these approaches don’t have to be at odds. As Location3 CEO Alex Porter writes in the IFA’s December Marketing Issue of Franchising World, digital technology can meld the two strategies into a powerful force for franchisors and franchisees alike. Here’s an excerpt from the post.

“In many instances, franchisor and franchisee marketing strategies operate in silos and lack integration. The franchisor is often responsible for big-budget, national media buys that raise awareness, while franchisees are generally responsible for executing local marketing campaigns that drive customers into their stores.

As digital technologies mature, brand strategies and local strategies are becoming indistinguishable. Digital platforms like Connected TV, streaming audio and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) are delivering traditional user experiences with modern targeting — mass appeal with local impact.”

For more analysis, including the most effective digital alternatives for traditional channels, read the full article here.

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