Adotas: Facebook The Next Big Search Engine?

Location3 VP of Agency Development Tom Lynch has been closely monitoring Facebook’s increasing focus on search, and more specifically, the social media giant’s enhanced local search functionality. Lynch’s leadership in the arena is reflected in his Blueprint Certification for Facebook Advertising.

Lynch was recently interviewed by Adotas, where he takes a closer look at how Facebook’s search bar could potentially compete with Google for your go-to app for the increasingly popular “near me” searches. Lynch also details the impact of the enhanced local search functionality on local franchises and businesses. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Q: How will Facebook be able to compete with Google for market share?

A: With Facebook’s move into local search, the two companies have become real competitors.In most cases, people will turn to Google when conducting a search. This can be done through the Google homepage, Maps, the Chrome app, etc. But with Facebook’s move into local search, users don’t have to leave the app that US users spend on average 40 minutes per day in already. Not only does this prevent the user from leaving Facebook to do a search in Google, it benefits businesses because they now have another huge audience to target potential customers on.

For further analysis, the entire interview can be read here.

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