Adotas: Harnessing the Power of Voice Search

If you’ve talked to Location3 President Alex Porter in the past year, he’s probably turned the discussion to one of two subjects: the Baltimore Ravens or the future of voice search. Porter has had his eye on voice search as a potential game-changer for the better part of a year, discussing it here, here, and here.

But Porter’s most in-depth discussion of voice search and its impact on search marketing took place in a Q&A with Adotas. Porter dives into a broad discussion of the current state of Google, and more specifically, how marketers can use voice search in the future. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Q: Will voice search on Google be ever-more important for marketers?

A: Marketers absolutely have to pay attention to voice search on Google — after all, it’s at least 20 percent of search in the Google ecosystem, and growing. With this growth, it’s inevitable that Google will optimize their algorithm for voice search, similar to their push last year with Advanced Mobile Pages. They’ll also likely begin to provide brands with analytics on how they perform in voice search, and we may even see paid media opportunities being tested on voice search.

For further analysis, the full interview can be found here.

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