BizReport: Local Brands Need SEO Upgrade

The digital marketing industry moves at break-neck pace, and that can be overwhelming for large brick-and-mortar brands that don’t have a cohesive strategy. But there are plenty of tactics that brick-and-mortar businesses can incorporate into their SEO strategies to overcome that disconnect. As Location3 President Alex Porter describes in an interview with Kristina Knight of BizReport, simply managing your brand’s business listings in bulk can result in significant increases in traffic. Here’s the full excerpt from the interview.

Knight: How can SEO be better used in the local marketing arena?

Porter: Brands with a large brick-and-mortar footprint should focus on two aspects of Local SEO: optimizing all business listings – like those in Google My Business – for every single location, and developing individual landing pages for each business location. If you’re not actively managing your brand’s business listings in bulk, you’re five years behind the curve, so start there and you’ll see instant lift in incremental traffic. For location landing pages, we recommend building these pages on a subdirectory rather than a subdomain. This creates more ranking authority for those local pages and allows for a greater opportunity to capture that valuable page-one real estate in a user’s search results.

Porter didn’t stop there, dishing out insight on the most significant trends in SEO and his top 3 tips for a strong local SEO strategy. Read the full article here.

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