BizReport: Top 3 Tips to Improve Local SEO

Businesses have long known that search engine optimization is a valuable marketing strategy, but many businesses either:

  • Don’t invest the required resources to maximize impact
  • Misunderstand and/or misapply SEO tactics 

This is especially evident in the local SEO realm, where much of the industry’s focus is turning. Location3 President Alex Porter recently sat down with Kristina Knight of BizReport to share a few quick and easy rules for improving local SEO for your business. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Know the keywords that matter. The first step should always be linking your brand with keywords that consumers associate to your industry, even if they are not aware that your company exists. If your business focuses on outdoor equipment, your keywords should include “tents” or “camping”, and if you want to get even more specific, longtail terms like “best camping equipment near me”. “

For more insight, you can read the full article here.

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