Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Live From The Buckhorn Exchange

In Episode 35 of Digital Shoptalk, we visit Denver’s oldest restaurant: The Buckhorn Exchange! While enjoying the historical atmosphere, we discuss the latest news on Facebook’s algorithm update that’s aimed at removing clickbait from users’ newsfeeds. Gloria Dutton also joins us to discuss local digital marketing tips for restaurants, and then gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the incredible Buckhorn.

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About The Buckhorn Exchange:
Denver’s original steakhouse, The Buckhorn Exchange is located in the city’s oldest neighborhood, just 5-minutes from downtown Denver — with a light-rail stop right across the street. This National Historic Landmark and Western Museum has been serving the finest in Old West fare since 1893. Prime grade beef steaks, buffalo prime rib, elk, salmon, quail, game hen, and succulent baby-back pork ribs are just some of the marvelous offerings on the Buckhorn menu. Exotic appetizers such as alligator tail and buffalo sausage are available, and no dinner is complete without the house specialty, Rocky Mountain Oysters.


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