Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Google & Facebook 2017 Event Recaps

The month of May traditionally brings about major events from Facebook and Google, and 2017 was no different. ¬†Google I/O and Facebook F8 were both held within days of each other, and each industry giant had some pretty big announcements. ¬†Traditionally, these developer-focused annual showcases have focused on tech hardware, but in recent years they’ve shifted to cover more behind-the-scenes updates at each respective company. ¬†2017 saw an incredible focus on augmented reality, user experience enhancements and more. Google even doubled-down and hosted a second event – GoogleMarketingNext – that had Location3’s VP of Agency Development so geeked out on what’s next in local digital marketing, he went on a tweet storm! So for this month’s Digital Shoptalk, Josh and Alex invite you to join them for all of the latest and greatest news coming out of each event this month, and learn what brand marketers can start leveraging today.

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