Digital Recap: New Digital Buyers, New CTV Formats and More BLM Agency Resources

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7.4 Million New Digital Buyers Expected

A considerable emerging trend resulting from store closures during the pandemic is the growing shift to ecommerce. In her article for eMarketer, Cindy Liu examines the change in consumer habits by dissecting surveys conducted by Salesforce and First Insight. She estimates that this year, more than 204 million people ages 14+ will make an online purchase.

Learn more by reading Liu’s article, “We Expect 704 Million New Digital Buyers in 2020 as Pandemic Alters Behaviors.”

New Ad Features for Connected TV

As streaming viewership continues to grow, Hulu, Roku and YouTube have released new formats and features for advertisers. Dade Hayes covered Roku’s NewFronts presentation in his article for Deadline. The new features include: an “Agile Investment Plan,” designed to maximize control and value; free creative services; premium ad placement and more.

For greater detail, read Hayes’ article, “In First NewFronts Appearance, Roku Promotes ‘Agile Investment Plan’ for Buyers.

Hulu announced a new ad format this week called GatewayGo. Anthony Ha details the update in his article for Tech Crunch. GatewayGo ads include the option for viewers to receive more information or offers delivered to their phone or tablet via push notification, email, or QR code. With this new format, viewers can act on an ad immediately, and advertisers get quality data on their ad’s impact.

For further insight, read Ha’s article, “Hulu announces a new offer-focused ad format called GatewayGo.”

YouTube is also experimenting with Shoppable Ads, hoping to make it easier for retailers to display their inventory to viewers. Scott Nover dives into this latest update in his article for AdWeek. He notes that advertisers will be able to sync their Google Merchant Center account feed to their video ads, to feature browsable product images appearing below the video and linking directly to product pages.

Read Nover’s article for more detail: “YouTube Leans Into Shoppable Ads ahead of NewFronts Panel.”

To better understand the Connected TV opportunity, read Brooke Hess’s article, “Connected TV Can No Longer Be Ignored.”

Black Lives Matter Ctd. 

Our industry is waking up. We want to use our platform here to share additional resources for agencies to continue the anti-racist work. Location3 is only starting our journey to becoming an anti-racist organization, but we are committed to change. Please join us.

Allyship & Action Summit 

Last week, Freelancer Cyber held an Allyship & Action Summit to continue the conversation and education ­­about race in advertising, tech and corporate America. 

The summit featured leaders across the industry who spoke on ways to move beyond ‘black tile Tuesday’ toward real action. Check out the entire summit here: Allyship & Action Summit. 

“A State of Revolt”

Adweek hosted an event on June 5 to highlight Black voices in today’s climate. Hear from 14 Black leaders in the advertising world on what actions they recommend to accelerate systemic change. Listen here: “A State of Revolt – Adweek Live Event.”

Reading List for Confronting Racism at Work

Whatever your industry, racist structures and social mechanics abound, whether blatant or subtle. The Harvard Business Review editors have compiled a reading list for confronting racism at work.  


Location3 observed Juneteenth for the first time this year as a paid holiday. We encourage you to do the same in 2021! Juneteenth is the oldest commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Learn more about the celebration here:  “What is Juneteenth?

Don’t Stop 

Fight your fleeting attention span. Keep the conversation going and continue to act. Black Lives Matter. 

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