Facebook Advertising Updates

Facebook recently announced it’s updating its user interface for creating and managing ads to improve workflow efficiency for its users. Starting today, the social media giant is combining Power Editor and Ads Manager into a single, unified interface that “is stronger, easier to use, and quick to adapt” to user needs.

The Facebook business feature previously featured two complementary tools. The first was Power Editor, which allowed users to create, edit, and publish multiple ads across a large number of ad accounts. The second tool was Ads Manager, which served as an ad campaign control center, allowing users to set budgets, target ads, and monitor ad campaign performance.

As the updates roll out over the next three weeks, advertisers will see the updated Ads Manager interface in locations where they previously found Ads Manager or Power Editor on the Facebook business platform, according to a release from Facebook.

These changes are designed to simplify Facebook advertising for all businesses, no matter the size of the business or the complexity of their advertising needs. This update should be encouraging for any business owners who have been frustrated or confused by Facebook or Instagram advertising. Not only does it include practical improvements, it also points to an increasing focus on equipping business owners with the tools they need to take full advantage of Facebook advertising.

Location3 shares this focus on efficiency and ease of use as evidenced by our software-with-a-service platform, LOCALACT. The premier platform for franchise systems and multi-location businesses, LOCALACT takes Facebook’s user-friendly focus even further – allowing franchise brands to monitor and analyze Facebook and Instagram advertising performance for every one of their business locations.

For more details on specific changes to the Facebook Ads Manager interface, check out this digital one sheet.

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