Franchising USA: Digital Tactics for Higher ROI

Digital media spending is poised to outpace traditional media spending for the first time in 2019. A study released by eMarketer in October 2018 projects that digital media will account for 55 percent of total ad spending in the United States. The shift to increased spending on digital is due in part to a cultural shift in how the public consumes media, but it also can be attributed to the tracking capabilities of digital advertising mediums.

As Location3 Sr. Director of Marketing Josh Allen notes in a post in Franchising USA Magazine, “digital is simply more trackable, allowing for brands to conduct more detailed analysis regarding their return on investment when compared to traditional media.”

Allen gives a detailed breakdown of how digital tactics compare to traditional advertising strategies when it comes to reaching your audience, understanding your audience, and getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Here’s an excerpt from the post.

Digital Audio vs. Traditional Radio

Streaming audio sites like Spotify and Pandora offer a much more tightly-targeted option for running radio advertisements on non-traditional radio channels. Brands can either work directly with the streaming provider or purchase radio spots on these channels programmatically and target their core audiences based on key demographic info, channel content and more. In addition, digital audio buys can also be supplemented with display ad inventory or branded channel takeovers to create a more holistic advertising experience. Much like other digital channels, performance reporting for digital audio is often much more granular and detailed than what is provided by traditional radio stations.

Here are a few more Digital Tactics for Better ROI.

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