Digital Recap: Goodbye User-level Identifiers

Facebook’s New Research on Diversity & Inclusion in Advertising 

Diversity and representation matter in advertising, and a new study by Facebook demonstrates that advertisers who fail to consider these elements could be failing to reach a broader audience. Social Media Today’s Andrew Hutchinson has a review of Facebook’s report, highlighting a few of the shortfalls in representation revealed by the study. Here are a few big takeaways from Hutchinson’s article: 

  • Women are 14.1x more likely than men to be shown in revealing clothing. 
  • Men are 2.4x more likely than women to be shown to be angry. 
  • People with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community were severely underrepresented. 
  • Latino and Black Americans are 1.8x more likely to say they see negative stereotypes of their respective groups in online ads. 

And the bottom line? Addressing diversity and representation in your brand’s ads could help your bottom line: “When brands do address representation, it has a range of positive effects, including helping to drive purchases and loyalty.” Read Hutchinson’s piece for more details and analysis. 

Google Says Goodbye to User-Level Identifiers 

Google announced this month that it will not build alternate identifiers to track individuals across the web and will not use them in their products as third-party cookies are phased out. Digiday’s Seb Joseph has a comprehensive report on the bombshell update – what we know and don’t about Google’s decision and what it means for the ad industryAs Joseph writes, Google has made its opinion known: that user-level identifiers do not “pass consumer expectations for how their data is traded and would not meet future regulatory requirements. Read Joseph’s article for more. This is an evolving story – stay tuned as Location3 brings you the latest. 

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Franchise Revenue Growth 

Alex Porter’s Guide to Franchise Revenue Growth was published in February’s Franchising WorldIn it, Porter outlines the key principles to our digital advertising approach. Maximize revenue growth for your brand by creating the right local media mix. Here’s a small sample of his advice: 

  • Start with Paid Search (PPC). This provides the opportunity to target prospective customers that are actively searching for related products and services. 
  • Layer in Paid Social. Expand your target audience, leverage visual creative to capture attention. 
  • Buy National Media with a Local Activation Mindset.  
  • Keep Testing, Learning and Optimizing. 

Read the article to discover more. 

Franchise Business Outlook 2021 

The International Franchise Association (IFA) released its Economic Outlook for Franchising report in February. One positive prediction: franchising will have recovered to nearly 2019 levels in most metrics: business growth, employment, economic outlook, and contribution to the GDP, by year’s end. Read more to better understand franchising’s role in our country’s economic recovery, and find in-depth reporting on all 50 states and D.C. Find the report here. 


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