How Your Guests Will Find Your Restaurant In Online Searches

It’s a familiar scene. You’re visiting a new city and unsure of your surroundings. You’re ready to eat, but you’re not sure where to go. You grab your phone, type “restaurants near me”, and soon you’re analyzing reviews, locations, and menus for several restaurants in the area.

This scenario is playing out more and more as consumers trust their mobile devices to deliver reliable location-level information. These now-common scenarios are why it’s so important that restaurants have a consistent online presence. One of the most overlooked factors in this presence, writes Location3 CEO Alex Porter in a post via Upserve, is accurate online business data. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“Wrong or bad online business data can wreak havoc on your restaurant. It can show conflicting local search listings, or even keep your listing from appearing at all. Your location(s) will be undiscoverable, resulting in hungry shoppers, and loss of sales and overall revenue.”

For further analysis on how online local listings can actually drive customers into your restaurants, the entire post can be read here.

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