How HoneyBaked Ham Embraced Digital And Won Big

The ham business has long been conventional. On traditional ham days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, local customers flock to their preferred ham providers based on brand loyalty, tradition, and location. Traditional advertising carries the day, and your long-established ham retailers bring in their projected revenue year after year.

But for one ham-centric company, that wasn’t enough. HoneyBaked Ham, founded in 1957, decided to broaden their advertising horizons. They were going to try to reach a different generation — one that preferred to use their phones to find the tastiest ham for the fairest price at the closest location.

So they teamed up with us here at Location3 to better understand their customers while finding new ones —  all the while balancing the needs of their national brand and 200+ franchisees.

In HoneyBaked Ham’s most recent ham-heavy holiday season, our local search experts went to work. Using our unique experience in local search marketing and our proprietary technology, we devised a strategy that would put HoneyBaked Ham front and center during their most important time of the year.

The results of the season-long push were incredible, netting us top prize in the Local Search Association’s 2017 Ad-to-Action Awards for Best Local Search Campaign.

CLICK HERE for results and a detailed analysis on HoneyBaked Ham’s winning strategy.

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