What It Means to Be An IFA Member


With work environments rapidly changing and traditional ways of doing business evolving like never before, it’s natural to put every expense and endeavor under the microscope. As a 20-year old agency, we’re always looking for ways to improve upon the success of our franchise partners. These past few months have shaped our organization and our business in myriad ways, but our core focus remains the same: helping our franchise partners maximize their ROI with scalable and impactful digital marketing strategies. To that end, we feel incredibly fortunate and proud to be longstanding members of the International Franchise Association (IFA), as their partnership remains integral to our success at Location3. Here’s why:

1. Relationships. Scaling and executing marketing across thousands of local franchise locations per system takes a lot of trust between partners. Through the IFA we know who truly gets franchising and they know we get it, too. That trust rests on a strong foundation of quality relationships we’ve fostered over the years as IFA members.

2. Information. Data rules and the IFA understands that. They put in the work to analyze the ever changing franchise landscape and compile the learnings for us to share with our franchise partners.

3. Education. We already eat, breath and sleep digital marketing, so the IFA learning opportunities such as the Certified Franchise Executive program help to empower our business and our staff to also eat, breath and sleep franchising.

4. Events. A lot of marketing conferences and organizations have come and gone over the past 20 years and it can be tough to keep tabs on which ones are still relevant and worth investing both time and money. The IFA conferences never go out of style and they are always opportunities for us to expand our knowledge.

5. Advocacy. The IFA keeps us on the front lines of helping drive legislative policies that will help small businesses, create jobs, promote fairness, advocate diversity and drive the economy forward.

6. Family. I’ve heard it said many times by other IFA members (and it holds true) that the world of franchising is unlike other industry organizations because it creates this unique sense of community and family.

7. Fearlessness. The IFA doesn’t just go with the flow, they hold deep principles and base their decisions and directives on those principles.

8. Integrity. It’s reflected in their CFE pledge to act with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. I will be a champion of the values of the ICFE… I will endeavor to mentor others, embrace diversity and grow the CFE community, especially through our youth, our veterans and my peers.

9. Mentorship. The next time you see Catherine Monson (IFA Chair) ask her how many people she is currently mentoring and how she finds the time. IFA members and leaders are true givers of both their time and knowledge.

10. Growth. Businesses can’t survive unless they are driving revenue and continually growing. Being a member of the IFA continues to provide our organization with a wealth of benefits that we wouldn’t find anywhere else.

With so much changing over the course of 2020, one of the few things that remain a constant is our partnership with the International Franchise Association. If you’re in the business of franchising and you’re not already a member of the IFA, there’s no time like the present to get started.

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