Industry Roundup: February 2022

Google Page Experience Update for Desktop 

This week, Google launched a (scheduled) Page Experience algorithm update for desktop search. If you aren’t already working to improve the Core Web Vitals metrics for your website, there’s no better time to start. Core Web Vitals are already factoring-in to your mobile search ranking, and will now apply for desktop. For more on the update and SEO implications, read Matt Southern’s piece for Search Engine Journal. 

New! Google Shopping Experience Scorecard 

Is your brand participating in Buy on Google or shopping listings? Take note! Google is implementing a new experience scorecard that will boost Search performance for merchants that provide quality customer service. The scorecard will be based on metrics like delivery time, shipping cost, and return window. If your brand performs well, your Shopping listing could be eligible for more prominent placement and other Search benefits. Find out more on the Google Merchant Center Help site. 

Microsoft Ads – Dynamic Descriptions for Dynamic Search Ads 

Microsoft is stepping up its automation game with dynamic descriptions now available for its Dynamic Search Ads. In other words, Microsoft Ads will automatically generate ad descriptions that are most relevant to each user. This is a unique feature for Microsoft Ads – one that’s not yet available for Google Ads. It will reduce some of the day-to-day management that digital ad campaigns require, freeing up marketers to analyze and apply findings. Find out more about the update from Brooke Osmundson for Search Engine Journal. 

Social Trends You Should Know 

If you make a product that is exclusively for men, should you be advertising on Pinterest? Take a look at social media user trends your business should know in 2022. When it comes to advertising and engagement on social channels, home-in on the platforms where your audience spends the most time. For more, read Alex Porter and Elle Dean’s article for the Location3 blog. 

Shoptalk Episodes 5-7 

Our podcast is back for 2022 with a line-up of special guests. Check out the latest episodes for conversations with the IFA’s Paul Rocchio, Liane Caruso of Entrepreneur, and marketing consultant Drue Townsend.  

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