Industry Roundup: March 2022

MarTech Conference 

MarTech logoWant to stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing technology? MarTech’s annual spring conference kicked off yesterday and continues today. All sessions are free and available both live and on demand! You’ll get the opportunity to learn from real-world marketers, brands, and data experts about tactics and tools that have the potential to solve problems and boost profits. Learn more and register here. 

(Linear) TV Ad Spend to Fall Below 20% of Total 

Research conducted by Insider Intelligence shows that ad spending on traditional TV will fall below 20% of total ad spend for the first time in 2022. This follows consumer viewing habits: people are shifting to streaming options. Marketers who want to reach a more relevant audience with better precision (and better performance data) are shifting their ad dollars to digital TV options. Read Media Post’s synopsis of the study here. 

How Google Keeps its Maps Platform Reliable  

Less than 1% of viewable content on Google Maps is fraudulent or abusive – a remarkable feat, considering the number of businesses represented there, the quantity of additions and edits made, and the prevalence of online fraudsters. So, how do they do it? Google recently shared insights into how they keep Google Maps free of fraudulent information and abuse. Read more here. 

What are Performance Max Campaigns? 

With Performance Max (PMax) campaigns, Google is moving away from individual campaign types across Google properties toward a cohesive, overarching campaign that has coverage and reach across Google’s entire network, including display, YouTube, Search, Maps, etc. Find out more about PMax campaigns in Vera Shafiq’s piece, which features a Q&A section that answers the most frequent questions we field as an agency. 

Privacy Webinar 

After receiving positive feedback from Vera Shafiq’s Marketing Innovation keynote at IFA 2022, we decided to produce a video of her session to share. Digital privacy and audience data management are factors that will continue to play major roles in how marketing is conducted across digital channels. Prepare for ongoing industry changes and learn the lingo with Vera’s webinar. 

Google Analytics 4 

Have you heard? Google announced recently that Universal Analytics (UA) will be phased out in July. Find out more about the update to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), key differences between UA and GA4, and what you can do to prepare, in our latest white paper. 

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