Industry Roundup: October 2021

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Search Results in a Continuous Scroll on Mobile 

Of note in the Search community, Google is rolling out a continuous scroll for search results on mobile devices. Now, as users search through results on mobile, four pages worth of search results will show on the continuous scroll, before the ‘See More’ button appears. It is yet to be determined how this might affect Google search traffic – whether it encourages searchers to look beyond the first few results or not. We’re staying tuned to see how this might impact performance. Read Search Engine Land’s article by Barry Schwartz for more. 

Facebook Starts Measuring Accounts Differently 

Important to note for advertisers on Facebook – they will no longer be linking user accounts behind the scenes. Previously, Facebook worked to identify and link accounts that pertained to the same person. In other words, a person with multiple accounts used to be counted as one person. Now, Facebook will stop automatically linking accounts in this way unless a user asks for it specifically. Cited as a move to improve privacy and keep up with anticipated regulatory changes, this may also inflate advertising reach metrics significantly. Read more about the update in Kurt Wagner’s piece for Bloomberg. 

Digital Shoptalk Podcast 

We’ve revamped our old video blog series for the 21st century – Digital Shoptalk is now a podcast available to stream wherever you find podcasts! It’s our goal to provide actionable insights on how digital media, marketing, and advertising impact franchise systems. We’ll bring you: featured guests with expertise and fresh perspectives, from marketers to franchise experts; the latest in industry news; advice and education around digital marketing; and updates across the Marketing Technology world. 

Check out Episode 2 – all about revving up your marketing to drive returns for your business during the busy holiday shopping season.  

Engage Your Tribe 

If you are involved in marketing for a franchise business, you won’t want to miss Jeremy Shere’s Engage Your Tribe Podcast, featuring Location3’s VP of Marketing, Josh Allen. Josh is sharing insights into Location3’s approach, covering: 

  • How we combine technology with quality support – People + Platform – to drive business for franchisees. 
  • Our approach to understanding franchisee marketing needs, including digital marketing education. 
  • Integration of marketing and technology platforms for franchisees. 

Listen to the podcast here. 

Conference Roundup 

Stay on top of the important discussions, innovations, and training in marketing by tuning-in to these conference opportunities, each offering free streaming content on demand. 

Adobe Max 

Adobe Max is the conference for creators of all types, and this year they’re offering over 400 sessions, labs and workshops to get the creative gears turning. Plus, they’re giving sneak peeks at what’s in the works for future development on the Adobe suite of apps. Best, as always, is that it’s free – and they’re offering most sessions and labs on-demand at no cost for the rest of the year. Check out the conference details here. 

Adobe Creative Apps – Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and many more – are the best in class for creating, especially in marketing. With the abundance of training resources available – both from Adobe and other tutorial creators (on YouTube, for example) – you can create impressive visuals, video, and more – even as a novice. 


MarTech – all about Marketing Technology – held its fall conference in September this year. Registration was free, and all keynotes and sessions are now available on demand. It’s an impressive amount of content, providing breadth and depth of session topics. At Location3, we’ve honed in on the following themes: 

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP) 
  • Driving Revenue with Marketing Technology 
  • Privacy and Identity 

These are the topics that are top of mind for Location3 digital strategists, too. Find conference sessions on demand here. 

Denver Startup Week 

Denver Startup Week took place this month, and its hybrid virtual/in-person model ensured accessibility to all. Boasting over 200 free sessions, the week-long event brought out the best Denver has to offer to the startup community. 

Denver Startup Week celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, and its contribution to the community at large is apparent. All audiences were accounted for – from job-seekers to startup executives, and sessions were engaging and relevant. Themes included diversity and inclusion, building global cultures of innovation, privacy, and educational sessions to build skillsets. 

Not only was it free to participate, all sessions are now available to stream on YouTube. Find all sessions and learn more about the event here. 

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