Introducing the LOCALACT Annual Marketing Survey

It’s no secret that 2020 was a unique year, during which we saw a number of dramatic changes in how franchisees and local business owners marketed and operated their businesses. As we continue ahead in 2021 with an eye toward creating sustainable local revenue growth, we wanted to gain additional insight into the challenges faced by franchisees and better understand how they view local marketing going forward.

To that end, we’re pleased to release the results of our inaugural LOCALACT Annual Marketing Survey! Beginning in December of last year, we surveyed more than 200 individual franchisees and local business owners across a range of business categories that included retail, healthcare, education, financial services, restaurants & QSRs, real estate and more. We wanted to learn more about what marketing channels they viewed as having the greatest potential for positive ROI, how their marketing budgets shifted during (and ultimately, after) the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. Download the complete survey results in our 2021 report today, and send us your feedback when you have a moment!

Download 2021 Survey Results & Report

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