MarTech Conference Recap

In case you missed it, MarTech made its virtual conference free for everyone this year – and all sessions are available on demand with your free registration! Location3 took full advantage. Here’s a recap of a few of the sessions we attended.  

Keynote– Getting Traction from Marketing Data 

 Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte 

Data without story has no context and is not likely to move an audience to action. 

The goal is to take an action and improve the business, not just analyze the data. Duarte’s recommendation is to generate true action by communicating problems and opportunities with data, and importantly, a story framework. 

In order to engage your audience with data-backed story, follow a three Act model: 


act 1, 2 and 3 infographic

Act 1 – Describe the current state 

Act 2 – Present the data to support your description of the current state 

Act 3 – We need to take “This” Action 



Watch the session to learn more! 

Now or never: Why AI-enabled collaborative work management is the future 

Saranya Babu, SVP of Marketing, Wrike 

It’s no surprise that we are experiencing some major shifts with the rapid pace of tech advancement over the last decade.  The shift to remote work only adds to this complexity and requires us to define how we will work in 2021 and beyond.  By tapping into AI, which allows for versatility and intelligence, people can work in their own way and can be more productive.  We have already seen how AI has pervaded the personal space with Netflix recommendations, Alexa, and self-driving technologies.  Consumers are ready to experience this same intelligence in their work environments.  By bringing AI into the workspace, it will help avoid potential delays, mitigate risks, cut losses, improve response times, allow workers time to focus on work that matters, and also support hybrid work, including voice commands, automated responses and digitization.  Additionally, AI allows for experimentation, personalization, thought leadership, and putting data in the hands of everyone.  Organizations need to tap into AI if they want to survive and take their business to the next level. 

Watch the session to learn more! 

Why you don’t need a data scientist 

 Theresa Kushner, Practice Lead for Data as an Asset, NTT DATA 

Chris Wood, Editor, MarTech 

 This was a bit of a “gotcha” session title as the speaker isn’t suggesting data science isn’t important. In fact, Kushner puts forward the idea that data science is the hot new buzzword and that the idea of data is much more detailed, nuanced, and needs the necessary internal structure to succeed. Overall, this session provides some valuable content as it relates evaluating the org structure of a data department. Watch to learn more about – 

  • Data scientist employment information. 
  • The difference between data analyst and scientist and when to use each.  
  • An analyst is more of the number cruncher for past data and scientist is more code based for future modeling and problems.  
  • Understanding your company’s data foundation as the first, critical step.  
  • AI data scientist software and technology.  

Watch the session to learn more. 

Operationalizing marketing attribution and predictive analytics in your organization  

Sasha Mushovic, Director of Data Science, Bounteous 

Chris Wood, Editor, MarTech 

There are many attribution models and tools available to marketers – linear, time-decay, data-driven, etc. – and our clients often ask us which model is best for their business. Ultimately blinds spots in tracking, privacy, and siloed systems mean there may not be a de facto best model or best approach. Sasha Mushovic, Director of Data Science at Bounteous, talks more about attribution being an evolving path to clarity where attribution models are tested and refined as we add data, or “visibility,” to the model. Her testing approach is particularly valuable as a way to build strong habits. Everything we do in marketing and all the data we collect leads us to build and support better marketing habits for our clients. Continuously testing and refining everything from ad copy to attribution models leads to sustained long-term growth and success. We want to partner with our clients to either support or provide the talent, technology, and methodology to improve their 1st party data and grow as a business. 

Watch the session to learn more. 

A Changing Customer 

Kim Davis, Editorial Director, MarTech Today, Third Door Media 

Craig Rosenberg, Distinguished Vice President & Analyst, Gartner 

Teresa Barreira, CMO, Publicis Sapient 

Martin Ekechukwu, CEO & Co-Founder, WHTWRKS 

MarTech Today editorial director Kim Davis’s keynote included a panel discussion from industry experts Craig RosenbergMartin Ekechukwu, and Teresa Barreira. They discussed the ongoing obstacles and opportunities facing senior marketers and provided insights into the ‘changing customer’ and what comes next. You’ll learn more about 

  • The Digital Consumer. 
  • Creating personalized, scalable, data-driven content, especially video. 
  • The importance of cross-team collaboration in the B-to-B space. 
  • Understanding your customer life cycle. 
  • Sensitivity to race, specifically Black and Brown topics. 
  • How to have conversations around race. 
  • Brands that are getting it right in marketing to people of color. 

Watch the session to learn more. 

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