NRN: Grow Traffic With Mobile-First Search Marketing

Too often restaurants and other businesses run too quickly to the shiny new object in marketing and neglect the foundation that every successful campaign is built upon. As Location3 President Alex Porter says in his recent post in Nation’s Restaurant News, “The most beautifully designed mobile site in the world doesn’t do much for actual foot traffic without search engine optimization to bridge the gap.”

Porter goes on to detail how local search marketing and optimizing for mobile devices can boost foot traffic for your restaurant. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“When it comes to SEO, many brands often incorrectly focus on keywords that are either too broad or too narrow to their brand, like “McNuggets” or “Whopper.” In between, there are tons of missing keywords, and restaurants end up not only wasting significant dollars on searches that aren’t effective, but also letting brand-agnostic consumers who might be more inclined to visit one of their locations get away.”

You can find the rest of Porter’s tips here.

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