Yelp: Buy or Sell?

In a recent discussion with digital marketing experts including brand and agency execs, Location3 VP…

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Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Facebook Atlas Changes

In today’s episode of Digital Shoptalk, the guys talk about the world of ad blocking and discuss a…

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How to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant

It’s no surprise that restaurants benefit from the travel industry, but according to, “Across…

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Monthly Industry Roundup: February 2016

Location3 Media News: February was a big month in digital marketing with Google’s decision to eliminate…

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Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Google Ends Right Rail Ads

This week’s Digital Shoptalk discusses what search marketers need to know about Google’s decision to end…

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Doing it Right: Influencer Outreach for Travel Brands

On paper, an influencer outreach program for a travel brand is easy money: spend a…

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