Google Ends Right-Side Ads: Local Listing Perspective

Google’s latest SERP update has reduced the overall real estate available to brands and advertisers.…

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Google Ends Right-Side Ads: PPC Perspective

In a potential industry-changing move, Google has decided to stop serving ads on the right…

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Google Eliminates Right-Rail Search Results

This is all quite new to us, and it will take some time to see…

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Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Travel Industry Digital Marketing

President Alex Porter returns to his co-host post alongside Director of Marketing Josh Allen in…

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Join Location3 at IFA 2016

The Alamo and Riverwalk will be front and center as we set course for the 56th…

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Digital Marketing Roundup

Monthly Industry Roundup: January 2016

Location3 Media News: 2016 is off and running, and the first thing the New Year brought…

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