Update: Google My Business API 3.0

Version 3.0 of the Google My Business API was released yesterday, and we’ve compiled a list of updated features and key notes below.  If you have any questions regarding the latest update, or would like to discuss the state of your local business listings, contact us today.

Generally speaking, the functionality of these updated features have existed in the Google My Business Management interface for quite some time but there are two additional features that are worth noting today:

  • The latest update has opened up access to GMB user reviews and allows brands to respond through the API, in addition to the existing process involved with review management through the GMB interface.
  • New location attribute data expands the qualitative data that brands can list in GMB profiles (i.e. restaurants will be able to tell users if they accept reservations, serve brunch, have outdoor seating, etc), although it’s important to mention that Google themselves have noted these attributes may not necessarily be displayed as they are using this data to guide future features and updates.

Additional New Features & Updates:

  • Search/Filter business locations by listing state (Google updates, suspended, duplicate)
  • Provide Place ID at location creation time to better match locations to features on Maps. Additionally for unverified locations you can find and manually associate existing maps locations with your business location
  • Transfer locations between personal & business accounts
  • Indicate which photo you’d prefer to show up first in Google Maps and Search
  • Read additional location states (is verified, and needs re-verification)

We’ll be monitoring these features and updates and providing more feedback on our blog, so be sure to check back with us.


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