The Quintessential Modern Marketing Miss

I am running late to the airport from a morning full of sales calls, just barely making it through security (thank goodness for TSA Pre-check) and have 20 minutes before my flight departs. My stomach is growling because my last meeting ran long, forcing me to skip lunch. I need something to eat before this flight back to Denver.

As I’m walking toward my gate – I Google “smoothie near me.”  Scanning the search results in my phone, I see there’s a smoothie shop in the airport, but where?  No concourse is listed.  After running up and down two concourses, no luck…looks like peanuts and Coke on the plane.

This was the quintessential modern marketing miss. Had the smoothie shop accurately listed their location, they would’ve gained my business for the day and likely in the future. It didn’t require any flashy marketing gimmick or viral video, but simply managing their online presence with attention to detail.

Of course I was especially sensitive to these matters because I had just returned from Street Fight Summit West #SFSW18 in Los Angeles. SFSW reaffirmed just how integral the local search landscape is in the larger marketing world. A consistent theme throughout the locally focused conference was that businesses should be focused on management of local profiles, digital spend at the local level and the resulting “online to offline” attribution.

As the newest team member at Location3, it’s an exciting time as our service offerings are a direct reflection of the current state of digital advertising. Location3  and our software-with-a-service platform, LOCALACT, seamlessly  scale multi-location integrated advertising campaigns.

By leveraging advanced technology, data, and our experienced staff, we produce measurable results for corporate teams and an approachable experience for franchisees.  It is exciting to work for a company that wants to solve the problems of our client partners and be true trusted partners.

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