Recap: Google Marketing Live

Privacy-Focused Marketing 

Google held its annual Marketing Live event this week, sharing the newest products, trends and insights, tailored to marketers. What’s top of mind for Google this year? Privacy. Big changes are coming to the marketing landscape with the deprecation of third-party cookies, and Google wants marketers to be informed of the privacy-focused updates across Ads products, automation and data analytics. But with Google, privacy-focused marketing isn’t a looming, scary disaster. They present a world of opportunities and improvements, with sessions, panelists, and case studies that inspire and motivate. Being prepared is key. 

Stream It Now 

Registration is free, and all sessions are now streaming. Overwhelmed with choice? We’ve got your back! Find a curated list of what we’re watching below: 

Turn insights into ROI with Google Analytics 4 

Can we say it enough? It’s time to set up your GA4 property. Analytics exists to provide insights into your customers, and you won’t want to miss out on the remarkable features that GA4 has to offer. It even personalizes reporting capabilities and learns – at the user level – what’s important to you. The new ‘Home’ then populates with the most relevant data, based on the user’s activity. 

Display ads are a force multiplier: drive performance with creative 

“Advertisers who run Google Search and Google Display campaigns see 11% more Search ad conversions than similar advertisers running only Search ads.” Learn more about this powerful, conversion-driving tactic, and how Google is using automation to drive results in a privacy-focused world. 

Supercharge your full funnel video strategy on YouTube 

Online video is taking a more prominent role in the consumer journey – not only for new product discovery, but also purchase decisions. In this session, Google outlines its Awareness + Action strategy for advertising on YouTube. 

Stay ahead of the curve with Search and Automation 

The way people search continues to change. But, without a doubt, Google Search plays the central role in how people seek and find information, products, and services. For example, in a survey conducted last year, people in 16 different countries reported that Search is the number one resource used to research in-store purchases. Learn how to stay ahead of consumer search habits with automation in this session. 

Think Commerce 

A seamless customer journey across all channels. It’s what we’re all working toward! Get motivated by a panel of marketing leaders from McDonald’s, LEGO, and Reprise Digital. 


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