Successful Franchise Digital Marketing Begins With A Strong Foundation

Digital marketers can often find themselves too far in the weeds when it comes to communicating an effective digital marketing strategy for franchises. Too often we forget to establish the marketing fundamentals that truly drive performance. Location3 Director of Marketing Josh Allen recently discussed these fundamentals following a trip to Phoenix for the International Franchise Association’s annual convention. Here’s an excerpt from Allen’s post in Franchising USA.

“Understanding how online users actually find you online is the first step toward improving your digital marketing, but it’s also a step that often gets overlooked. While there are a number of enterprise web analytics tools available, Google Analytics is free to use and can provide the information you need to gain a clearer picture of what online sources are sending traffic to your website and what users are actually doing once they land there. When reviewing your account, it’s important to consider your overall business goals so that you can better customize your analytics reports and dashboards to display data points that are most relevant to the goals themselves.”

For more analysis and digital marketing advice for franchisees, the full post can be read here.

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