The Value of Adding FAQs to Your Website

Building out content on your website can be a timely and cumbersome task, especially if you’re already blogging about updates and happenings within your specific industry.

Where do you even start when it comes to brainstorming meaningful topics that will provide value to your customers? Read the last two words of that sentence, and there’s your answer – your customers! But is it really that simple? Yes, it can be.

Giving Your Customers [and the Search Engine Bots] What They Want

Your customers have questions about your brand/services/products that you’re likely addressing on a regular basis indirectly via other areas of your website or directly via email and/or over the phone.

Compiling these questions into different categories with corresponding answers is a great way to add valuable content to your website. This positions your brand as a trustful resource and helps move your customers further along in the sales cycle, but it can also help free up time spent answering the same questions.

Adding fresh content to your site also greatly helps with SEO (search engine optimization). FAQs allow users to better understand your business and offerings, but search engines also love this type of content. It helps them understand the overarching theme of your website. Additionally, FAQ pages (from my own personal experience as an SEO for over 10 years), perform incredibly well in terms of user engagement.

Improving Organic Results

At the end of 2018, Location3 made the recommendation to add FAQ content to one of our franchise client’s website. The client compiled a list of questions that the local centers most frequently receive about the brand and service offerings.

Location3 then helped organize the questions and corresponding answers into different sections and also recommended adding “FAQs” to the top navigation of the website. This makes the new page highly visible and also indicates to the search engine bots that this is a main page that is now linked from the Home page and has high importance.

Since adding the new FAQs page at the end of October, the website has received over 3,300 organic landing page sessions, meaning that these sessions are coming from users clicking onto the FAQs page listing in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and entering the site via this new page. This is additional organic traffic that they gained by simply adding relevant and useful content to the site.

Additionally, the FAQs page has so far resulted in 15 organic form submissions, which is a strong indication that these users, who are likely at the top of the sales funnel, are finding enough valuable information on this page to engage with the brand via a phone call.

The snapshots below highlight the organic landing page sessions and organic form submissions goals the new FAQs page has received since implementation in October.

Get Started

If you don’t already have a section on your website that answers your customers’ questions and concerns, start gathering feedback from your franchise owners, managers and customer support teams. You’ll likely find that the content is already there – you just need to formalize and organize it!

If you do already have an FAQ page (that’s awesome!!), you may consider breaking out the questions into different categories and creating additional FAQ pages based on topic. This will make it easier for your users to find exactly what they’re looking for, which will improve user engagement, and will also help build out the site, positioning your brand as a more authoritative industry leader.

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