Web analytics refers to the measurement and analysis of user behavior to your website. The data that is collected through this practice is used to understand how users are interacting with your site and how these interactions can be improved.

A successful web analytics strategy does more than simply record statistics. It provides context for the data it gathers, identifies metrics that are driving performance, and directs action for stakeholders and potential customers alike. With the wealth of information now at the world’s fingertips, business professionals in nearly every industry are leaning on data. That’s because a healthy analytics environment produces empirical evidence that can inform and guide important business decisions.

Web analytics and business intelligence services use an assortment of strategies and tools to improve the functionality and performance of your website in order to drive customers to your brick-and-mortar locations. Learn more about Location3’s strategic approach to web analytics and business intelligence below.

Conversion Optimization

It’s one thing to attract visitors to your site. It’s another to inspire action from those visitors. As Google Partners, we use Google Optimize to provide comprehensive testing strategies to identify site environments that produce desired user actions. We use advanced technology and our vast experience in data analytics to make sure your site visits count.

Usability Testings

It’s important that data is supplemented with context. Our Website Usability Study goes beyond the numbers to get a clearer picture of the people behind them. Our data analysts use surveys and test responses to find out who is visiting your site and what they expect for a quality site experience.

Data Intelligence & Reporting

We use world-class business intelligence software to make sense of a complex digital world, so you can see the bigger picture for your business. Our data analysts have the experience to cut through the noise and the expertise to get the most out of your data.

Landing Page Testing

We use advanced testing technology to eliminate guesswork and reveal actual performance on landing page designs. We recreate and retest these designs to ensure the most efficient and productive environments are identified and implemented.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Our systematic approach to improving site performance identifies key performance indicators and removes any barriers in your site’s conversion funnel.

Audience Analysis

We customize each study to find out how experienced the user is with your brand, how they interact with your website, and what motivated them to visit your website. This analysis identifies nuances in your audience and supports improvements in site design.

Usability Report

The Website Usability Study records survey responses from internal stakeholders, test responses from onsite participants, and user personas to produce a final report with informed action recommendations.

Google Analytics Certified Partners

Our decade-plus of experience with data analytics has qualified Location3 as an official Google Services Partner. You can be confident that our strategies are rooted in knowledge and previous success.

Custom Dashboard

As your data management partner, we help you decipher the story being told by the data itself, using cutting-edge technology so that you have the information you need to make informed business decisions.


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