Episode 10: Bryan Cruikshank, David Weekley Homes

Scaling Ad Personalization for Multi-Unit and Franchise Brands

Join host Vera Shafiq for an enlightening conversation with Bryan Cruikshank, Director of Search & Advertising at David Weekley Homes. They’re chatting all things marketing personalization – the solutions for scaling personalized marketing for multi-location businesses and franchises.

You’ll hear more about:

  • The numerous opportunities for marketing your business to connect with customers in a specific area and/or who fit various ideal customer profiles.
  • How a successful franchise might leverage Google’s machine learning and automation capabilities for location-based marketing: budgeting, account structure, targeting, retargeting.
  • Paid Social solutions for hyper-local digital marketing.
  • CDPs – Customer Data Platforms – and the process of bringing the various marketing channels together.
  • The ideal, most friction-less customer experience, from top to bottom of the marketing funnel.
    + more!

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