Location3 Brings Unique Approach to Multi-Location Clients

Location3 Founder Andrew Beckman recently chatted with Carmen Rane Hudson of Grade.us. Their discussion ranged from identifying a target demographic as an agency to managing strategy for corporate brands in tandem with their franchise locations. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:


On the unique challenges that multi location clients and franchises face in digital marketing

Carmen: What are some challenges unique to those franchises?

Andrew: I think the part that’s unique from our perspective is the fact that all of these different businesses operate with all these different models.

All of them have the same challenge in that, “we have a large footprint, we have locations all over the country and all over the world, and we need to make sure we have local visibility.

But…they also run into a lot of challenges whether they’re a co-op, they have corporate operations, they’re a franchise system, and they all have different levels of engagement with individual owners. Some people want the franchisees to have as many touch points as possible with their location data.

Others want to control everything from the corporate level.

Others are a mixed bag, and others are like: “we have X amount of work that has to be done that’s mandated by corporate,” and other people have options to put as much or as little into their program as they like.

So I think a big challenge for us is working with all these different models that these types of companies have.

But we’re happy to do it, because we want to be partners vs. delivering an off-the-shelf, menu service. We customize everything for our clients.

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