Location3 Releases New Whitepaper: Marketing for the Franchising Lifecycle

The franchising industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy with more than $757 billion in economic output recorded in 2018. As franchising continues to surge, the competition is increasing on multiple fronts for franchisors. On one end, they’re battling competing franchisors to attract the most qualified entrepreneurs, investors, and franchisee candidates. On the other end, franchisors are battling those same competitors for local customers.

As the stakes in the industry are being raised, it’s essential that franchisors are employing the most efficient marketing tactics available. At both the brand and local level, digital marketing tactics continue to be the best way to connect with the franchisee candidates and local customers who drive revenue.

As the leading franchise digital marketing agency in the U.S., Location3 is excited to share its insight into how these digital marketing tactics can work for franchisors at three distinct stages – what we refer to as The Franchising Lifecycle:

  1. Franchise Development
  2. Enterprise Strategy
  3. Local Customer Acquisition

That’s why we’ve published our latest whitepaper, “Marketing for The Franchising Lifecycle: How to Increase Local Customer Acquisition and Revenue”.

From finding and attracting the best entrepreneurs and investors to driving customers into franchise locations, this whitepaper provides a detailed guide to franchise digital marketing success.

Download your free copyand let us know which marketing strategies are working (or not working) for you. If you have any questions about the whitepaper or how Location3 can help jumpstart your franchise digital marketing efforts, contact us today.



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