Podcast: The Unique Challenges of Franchise Marketing

When we think of a franchise business, we often think of fast-food giants like McDonald’s or Subway. But the franchising world expands far beyond these power players.

On the most recent episode of the Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast with Rob Kischuk, Location3 CEO Alex Porter shines a light on the franchising industry and how Location3 is helping these unique businesses navigate a complicated marketing landscape.

In this episode, Kischuk and Porter discuss:

  • How Location3 has changed as a business over the past 20 years
  • The unique structure of franchise systems, including ad spend allocation and marketing coordination between franchisors and franchisees
  • How LOCALACT, Location3’s local marketing platform, is helping franchisees monitor and manage their marketing budgets and performance
  • How digital strategies fit within an industry that has long preferred traditional marketing channels
  • Recent digital developments, including the ability to track online activity to in-store purchases
  • Porter’s professional journey at Location3, from snowboard bum to CEO, as well as the most important lessons he’s learned in that journey

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